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The extension keeps track of some of the most common suggestions in YouTube, and compares them to the existing content and says if the presentation is more effective, or not.One time you start it, for subsequent use, it will be stored into your Chrome browser and will become configured to your Youtube preferences.How to use RegretsReporterThe RegretsReporter Chrome extension is particularly user friendly, because it will suggest videos automatically after initiating it once.Once you accept the terms and conditions, the extension gives you various options. You can search for available categories or create your own, which is especially useful if you have plenty of recommendations of the same type.You can also choose between the existing categories and create your own. You can also play around with the add-on once you have done that, but of course you will be asked to let the extension save your settings, which you can do later.If you are to change your settings, the extension will prompt you to save those. There are certain categories that are listed, but you can easily search them out and add your own.You can also change the way the extension displays the info, from one-time listing to a much more detailed information for every individual YouTube video. You may also want to shift between the standard and the experimental version of the extension.The experimental version, which is listed under “Options”, lets you check the full list of videos associated with every category. In the standard version, you will be able to access the links to each video, which is quite detailed.RegretsReporter Review – Does the extension give you better YouTube recommendations?If you are interested in making sure that YouTube does not put you through misleading material and keep you away from the bad YouTube videos, then RegretsReporter will certainly help you out. It takes into account the regularity with which you watch and the views of the videos, and makes suggestions accordingly. It also includes some of the most common suggestions based on the past use of the extension in the Chrome browser.The extension is easy to install and even easier to use. If you want to make changes to the way the extension works, you only need to click on the Options link and alter the settings. The extension also keeps the data safe from usage without your explicit consent.The suggested category titles are quite specific and should be listed below under certain search queries. For example, if you are interested in seeing the list of horror films, under the regular Google search 08929e5ed8

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