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Senior Software Engineer/Associate Lead Engineer- 

Experience : 4 - 8 Years

Work Location : India - Bangalore

Job Description -

  • Design, and develop secure software components that utilize HSMs for cryptographic operations.

  • Integrating HSMs into our software solutions.

  • Interface with HSM APIs and libraries to enable secure key management and cryptographic operations.

  • Develop and maintain custom drivers or libraries as needed.

  • Provide guidance and expertise on cryptographic algorithms, key management, and security protocols.

  • Proficiency in programming languages commonly used for secure software development

  • Good knowledge about Cryptographic Algorithms (Symmetric, Asymmetric Key Algorithms

  • Good knowledge about Key Management (Generation, Import/Export securely, Encrypt, Decrypt Keys

  • Deep understanding of OpenSSL, Windows Crypto, JCA(Java), Security Standards

  • FIPS Compliance: Compliance with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) for cryptographic security.(FIPS 140 is desirable)

  • Good Understanding of Security protocols like PKCS#11 and knowledge of Crypto algorithms.

  • Hands-on experience in mapping the crypto interface called, to PKCS#11 compatible data typemapping the data structures to PKCS#11.

  • Hands-on experience with Device drivers in kernel/user space

  • Should have experience working with Multi-Threaded Applications, Inter Process Communication(IPC)

  • Attack Types, Associated Vulnerabilities, and Measures to Prevent Attacks.

  • PSA Certified Security Goals (Unique Identification, Security Life Cycle, Attestation, Secure Boot, Secure Update, Anti-Rollback, Isolation, Interaction, Secure Storage, Cryptographic/Trusted Services)

  • Familiar with the Agile process

  • Should have experience in Handling, Mentoring, and Guiding the Team.

*Note - Please attach your updated Resume and a Cover Letter(must) describing your Skills and Experience. 

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